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How to incorporate your unique style into the Floral Wedding Trends of 2019

As with most things in life, wedding decor and style trends go in and out of fashion with time. Lately, there has been a movement for a more natural style of wedding decor. This includes incorporating muted colors, large floral pieces to be the main attraction, hanging instalments, and large venue accents. Think of famous weddings in the past year - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie to name a few. They all utilized these simplistic and natural features in their weddings and as trendsetters, we are sure that these aspects will cycle over into new couple’s weddings in 2019! Keep scrolling to see how you can incorporate your unique style into these trends.

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Venue Accents - Arches, Hanging Floral Installments, and Floral Curtains

Arches that utilize natural wood and light colored flowers for ceremonies and decor for the reception venue are becoming increasingly popular. Are you wondering how you can put your own spin on this? Using different geometric shapes or symbols that have a meaning to you both can bring out your style for a fresh never seen before backdrop.

Hanging floral installments are also the perfect touch for any reception venue. Do you have a favorite flower or a time when he brought you a bouquet that made you fall in love with him even more? Incorporating those same flowers to reminisce of that sweet memory as well as adding tree branches and lights can liven up the decor to make the venue feel inviting and uniquely yours.

Floral curtains can also be a nice change in backdrop for just about any area of a venue. You may be wondering what a floral curtain is and we are here to share it is exactly what you are thinking. It is a curtain made of real flowers. Being fully encompassed by an array of florals will leave the room with an aroma to help set the mood. Whether you are going for a romantic setting or bright and bold, a floral curtain can assist in bringing this vision to life. The great thing about this decor element is that by adding to the design you have the ability to make the backdrop look fuller. Both delicate or rich and full, this is a fun and artistic way to bring your favorite flowers into the space.


Floral Accents and More

Floral accents for centerpieces, bouquets, and even cakes are changing for 2019. It’s become more about focusing on adding extra greenery and filler pieces while adding two or three key flowers to tie the look together. Succulents have also become a large part of decor in place of traditional flowers.

While naked style wedding cakes have already been popular at weddings, adding less traditional decorations such as succulents is becoming more common. Simple designs with an adding surprise component like gold sprayed succulents or feathers can be used for any type of wedding whether its more rustic themed, modern, traditional, or even vintage.

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Muted Colors to Keep Things Natural

The one thing that all of these trends for 2019 have in common are muted colors. There is a transition from bright, colorful flowers over to more natural looking bouquets and decor. Choosing color palettes that have one main color with three to four accent colors will help when choosing flowers for the venue. Having all muted colors will help to keep things looking simple and will make everything go together without looking chaotic. It also helps to avoid bright colors and fads that will make wedding photos look dated in a few years. Rather than going with a fad, collaborating and expressing your overall vision with your floral designer is strongly suggested as they have the ability of crafting an arrangement of flowers based on your personality that is far from muted but can incorporate that trend in the best way possible.

While a wedding might take place on just one day, the photos and memories are timeless. Every detail that goes into a wedding takes time and a lot of decision making. Floral archways, hanging installations, natural colors, greenery, and muted colors are all key trends in 2019. Let’s chat about how Forage Ojai can help incorporate these trends but in a special way to bring out the uniqueness of your personal style and love story!

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