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5 Ingredients for a Truly Successful Wedding

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If you are like most brides and grooms, you want nothing more than to have a really amazing, unforgettable, magical wedding. You want to feel excellent during the Big Day – and you want your guests to celebrate and create candid memories of this event too. You want everything to be perfect.

But what is it exactly that makes for perfect weddings? We have gathered 5 ingredients for a truly successful wedding – so read on and find out more.

  • Excellent entertainment. Guests may not care that much about the color of the napkins on the table, or the exact type of flowers you have included in the centrepieces. They will notice pretty décor and it will definitely create a nice ambiance for them – but, at the end of the day, they will remember the dancing, the jokes, the fun, and maybe even the extra-entertainment (if you choose to include any). Don’t skimp on the DJ/ band and the other types of entertainment you include in the Big Day – they are extremely important!

  • Delicious food. Long gone are the days when wedding menus absolutely HAD TO be consisted of a seated dinner. These days, there are so many things you can do with the wedding food you serve! Hire a truly experienced catering service that will make sure your food is fresh, tastes amazing, and looks equally appealing as well – you won’t regret this.

  • Late-night snack. This trend only started to take shape a couple of years ago – but it continues to gather more followers (and it might very well end up as tradition). Offer your guests a late-night snack that’s comforting and delicious – it can be anything from pizza, to ice cream, milk and cookies, mac and cheese, mini burgers, or anything generally considered as “comfort food”. People will just love this!

  • Excellent day-of planning. DO make sure you have a day-of timeline in place, and ask your Maid of Honor to help you make sure everything is followed through. Doing this will help you gain clarity over the main wedding elements, so that everything goes smooth.

  • A touch of sentimentalism. Weddings are fun, but they are also very emotional – so why not celebrate the wonderful emotions floating in the air by including just a touch of sentimentalism in it? A type of cookie your grandma used to make, pictures with your parents on their wedding day, a small detail on (or under!) the dress to remind you of the first man in your life (your father) – these things can create balance on the Big Day, making it genuinely magical.

This is YOUR day – so don’t let anyone tell you what (not) to do during it. Follow your own wedding dreams and the Big Day will be absolutely memorable!

elizabeth cohn